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Her Soul Meets Her Mommy

Alone and shivering 

In a numbing, dead night 

Deep silence, scaring 

Like a monster 

Her face looking flushed 

With extreme fever 

Like a tree, 

Facing the blazing fire 

Of cruel Sun 

Bursting head, 

With severe pain 

Like a balloon 

Overfilled with 

Distress and misery

Rain of tears

Damping the cheeks, constantly 

Wrapped her head, 

In a scarf 

Crossing arms 

Hoding both shoulders 

Sitting in a still corner 

Uttering a few 

Quivering words 

O mommy! ! 

Where are you? 

I feel deserted 

Since you left 

You used to call me 

Your delightful flower 

Breeze in and catch a glimpse 

Of your withered flower 

Come and water it vigorously 

With your love and affection 

O mommy! ! 

Take me in your shelter 

Save me from worlds bitterness 

Your child is being trampled 

O mommy! ! 

For the moment, 

Drowsiness overcame her

She propped herself 

Against a wall 

Dreaming, the procession 

Funeral of a corpse 

Laying in the casket, 

Later, being propelled 

Towards cemetery 

All at once 

A frightful jerk 

Arouses her 

Surprised and horrified 

Trying to know

Which place is this? ? 

Dark and foggy 

Filled with redolence 

Glowing scented woods 

She couldnt hear 

Her beating heart 

That was left 

In her dead body 

A spirit, she was 

Soon, a sound echoes 

Its purgatory daughter 

The place where souls meet 

Sparkles and gleams 

Appear in the dark 

Mommy! ! she speaks blithely 

Yess honey, come to me! ! 

Mommy spirit says devotedly 

Spreading her arms, 

There both souls meet 

Daughter to mommy 

Mommy to daughter 

Together forever and ever.. 

Hira Akhtar
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