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Pensive about those people

I am hushed with shock

Their beliefs becoming cripple

In life, growing dark

Paupers embellishing grieved huts

In the neck of the woods

Illicit sites, awfully unswept

Kids being beggars in childhoods

Overwhelmed by superstitions, 

Immensely necessitous for money

In their visions, 

Beg, eat and don\'t worry

Nabbed by critical misery

Bearing nil aim for life

Ignorance, the very cause of poverty

In pauper\'s society, peace cann\'t survive

Drowning in the flood of illiteracy

I year for soon they\'ll cluntch at a straw

Yet indocrination is the first priority

\'Only aware countries evolve\'Tis nature\'s law

Before long, the Sun of fortunes

Aggrandizements with lavished energy

Its heat will scorch all the sins

Pauperism, will meet death ultimately 

Hira Akhtar
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