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One Beautiful Night

Night travelling to reach the day

Riding in the chariot

Moon playing hide and seek

Peeping through clouds

Stars making mischieves in the moonlight

The giggling wind awakening the trees

Colourful buds anxious to bloom

He and I, together sitting ashore

Free of worries, 

Free of gloom

Everything becoming quiet and scilent

I can hear his heartbeat and he can mine

As we are waking and the whole world is asleep

Sea waves dancing and clamouring delightfully

His shining eyes staring at me with a glee

My shying face beside hands fascinates him

Makes him happy

Makes him uncomfortable

Putting his head on my lap

He talks to me, I talk to him

Stroking his head without any fear

We talk for hour hours, as the time has stopped

He loves my smiling face

And promises to give happiness always

Losing myself into his eyes

Seeing the ocean of love striking against the shore

I have drowned in it with my wish and desire

Seems as if the nature enjoys

Giving a chance to fly like a bird above the heights

Praying God never to rise the Sun

Let the doomsday come

For it is not less than that

He comes nearer as the fragrance to flower

Taking my face into his hands

Going me to kiss on the forehead

The warmth of his love is warmer than the fire

I am burning in it from head to toe

My eyes are closed and the heart beat stops

The sea having anxiety and the sky waiting eagerly

The stars whisper and the moon smiles

But the Sun up there misses the sight

His soft lips touch me and I feel a thrill

With this a tear of happiness at once drops

Suddenly my eyes open and what i see? ? 

It was my dream

It was my dream.............. 

Hira Akhtar
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