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She Understood Me

The bananas in the bazar had too much rate

No said the shopkeeper

When i requested him to abate

Then i asked the price of date

Suddenly i remembered

I have left the open gate

With this i ran hurriedly

So that i may not get late

While running, I met on the way

With my class mate

She had in her hand

A tasty chocolate cake

My mouth filled with water

Like a lake 

Before i would reach home i saw mom

With an anger

That was really great

I swiftly ran into the house

And closed the gate

After some time mother came

Started the door shake

I sighed and moved with fright

Towards the door, 

Thinking that it was my mistake

The condition was opposite

Mother was having a beautiful smile

On her face 

I requested mum I am sorry

Please forgive me this time

For God\'s sake

She smiled and said politely

Its Ok sweety look i have something

That you would love to take

There were bananas

Also a tasty chocolate cake

I kissed her 

Staring at juncate 

There is no doubt to say

Mothers are damn great

Because in every field of life, they aid 

Hira Akhtar
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