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Who is mother? ? Part 1

Who is mother? ? 

The most beautiful blessing

Gifted by the God

On the sky, 

The brightest star

Having a heart 

Softer than cotton

With lots of love and care

Flowing like a river

Castle of forgiveness

Minaret of happiness

Knows just to give and share

Who is mother? ? 

The one who bears

Pain for her child

For her child, 

Ready to face 

The game of death

The one who knows

What her child needs

And what doesn\'t

The one who brings

Everything for her child

Not thinking about herself even

Who is mother? ? 

The elegance of the house

The illumination of the Moon

In a dark night

The enchantment and refreshment

A model of sacrifice

A way to paradise

Who is mother? ? 

The one who cries

When her child cries

The one who smiles

When her child smiles

The one who sews

Without any price

The one who stitches

Without any demand

Whole day

Whole night

The one who can only feel 

Going on our mind

The one who teaches

How to speak

The one who admonishes

How to walk

Holding the finger

To be continued................. 

Hira Akhtar
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